How to Pull Off a Pixie Cut

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We used to think that short pixie cuts were only for the summer months or for especially gorgeous people like Audrey Hepburn. This made us sad because we like the pixie cut look and watching all the gorgeous modern stars cut their hair into adorable pixie lengths made us positively green with envy. However, we decided to bite the bullet and wouldn’t you know it, we actually look pretty darn good in this hairstyle!

We were lucky since we went to a really good salon but we proved something here and that is everyone can pull of a pixie haircut! If you want to give this look a try, below are some tips that will help you get it right!

Getting the Pixie Right

There is no “one” pixie cut, mind you, and the pixie will have to modified to suit your face shape. Below is a handy guide that will make this super easy!

  • Heart-shaped faces – People with this face shape are lucky since they can get away with nearly every haircut they want for the pixie, so you can go whatever direction you want and go for one with long bangs, wispy layers or something short with edgy layers. Your face can pretty much handle it all.How to Pull Off a Pixie Cut
  • Long faces – If you have a long face (think Sarah Jessica Parker) then you should go for a pixie cut that has less volume. You want something like Jennifer Lawrence where it gently sweeps over the forehead. This is also good for ladies with wide or long foreheads.
  • Round faces – If you have a round face, then you will want a pixie cut that has more volume. You will also not want to go too short since that might make your face even rounder.How to Pull Off a Pixie Cut

You do not want to be rash when you decide to get a pixie. What you need to do is determine your face shape first, and look for pictures of the pixie cut you like. Also, when you tell the hairstylist about the cut, do not just say you want a pixie. We advise you to be more descriptive and say exactly what you mean! Bring photos of the pixie hair you want in the salon and show them to your stylist.

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