Night Time Hair Care Tips You Should Stick To

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Our hair can get damaged because of a number of internal and external factors. It needs protection and proper care. We all spend at least the one-third of each day sleeping. Why not use such a long period of time for intensive hair care?  You don’t believe you can actually take care of your hair when you are virtually doing nothing and sleeping? Well, watch us prove you wrong!

Night Time Hair Care Tips You Should Stick To

Use a Silk Pillow Case

If you prefer to use a pillow when sleeping (we know some of you don’t), use a silk pillow case instead of the usual cotton one. A silk pillow case is not as rough and scratchy as a cotton one. Besides, if you are turning and tossing a lot at night, with a silk pillow case your hair which will look so much better in the morning.

Use a Silk…Scarf!

If you, for some reason, are against a silk pillow case, try using a silk scarf. Before going to bed, wrap your head with a thin silky scarf. This will help to save your locks from being rubbed too much.

What if you have curly hair?

If your hair is naturally curly, it’s suggested to wet them lightly before going to bed. After wetting your hair, also put on a shower cap and a satin bonnet, if available.

Also, if your hair is not too curly, you can also try pinning the strands of your hair to your head. Take one of your curls, wrap it around your finger and when you have reached your scalp, pin it down. Do this with all of your curls and enjoy your gorgeous curls in the morning.

Sleeping in a low ponytail

If you have long hair, don’t be afraid to collected into a low ponytail right at the nape of your neck before going to bed (go against the common (and wrong!) idea that you shouldn’t collect your hair into a ponytail/braid when sleeping). Doing this will not only protect your hair, but it will also help you avoid tangles in the morning.

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