What is the Deal with Breakup Hair?

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There are many reasons why women choose to get haircuts. I, for one, choose to get my hair cut to get rid of split ends or when the weather gets too hot. However, I have also recently found out from a couple of friends that one of the many reasons they choose to get haircuts is when they are going through breakups.

Can you imagine how shocked I was to hear this? As it turns out, this isn’t an isolated occurrence and that many women do choose to cut their hair after suffering through a heartbreak.

breakup hair

The Deal Behind “Breakup Hair”

Now it might sound off but the fact of the matter is that this is a very real thing. There are many different reasons behind it but some people say the whole reason behind breakup hair is that it gives women a sense of control and it is a way to let go of the baggages. I think there is some truth in this because long hair can be heavy and with all that hair comes the baggages that were accumulated throughout the relationship.

To some women, getting a new haircut means a new them – the kind of people that are totally different from those that were in the relationship. This also makes sense especially for women that have essentially looked the same throughout the whole doomed relationship.

Last but not the least, women with short hair always seem to be extra confident and when a breakup casts you down in the dumps, a haircut may just be in order. It almost seems like turning over a new leaf.

breakup hair

Get the Right Cut

Now, I think just because you are going through a breakup and want to cut your hair, this doesn’t mean you do something drastic. No way! You could end up regretting that hair and end up with a bad cut that will make you all the more miserable. I say, before you go for a break up haircut, try to phone a friend to go with you so that you do not go overboard and end up with a cut you will regret.


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