Common Lip Liner Mistakes to Stay Away From

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We feel like the number of women who choose to wear lip liner every day is becoming less and less (thank God we got over the “nude lipstick-brown lip liner” trend of the 90s). However, lip liner still remains one of the most important makeup items in many women’s makeup drawer.

Lip liner is designed to define our lips and its color should by no means coincide with the actual color of the lips. This is one of the most common makeup mistakes that women make. Want to know what other mistakes women make while using a lip liner?

Common Lip Liner Mistakes to Stay Away From

Using a dark liner

If we learned one thing about the 90s lips, it is that dark lip liner makes our lips visibly smaller, whereas a lip liner a little lighter in shade than the actual lip color, makes our pout look bigger.

Making uneven lines

Applying lip liner is all about applying it straight (but not too straight, you can make small angles and curves), and smooth, with no bumps. If you made some uneven lines when using a lip liner, dab your brush in a concealer and go over the lines hiding your mistakes.

Making thick lines

The lines edging your lips should be thin and delicate. To get those delicate lines, it’s a good idea to use a liner which is not too sharp and dab a q-tip along your lips to save the lines from appearing too harsh.

Getting out of the lip line

You may think that getting out of the lip line is a perfect way to make your lips bigger, but it is not. It will just make your lips artificial and tacky.

Lip liner can be our greatest enemy if we use it unwisely and the best friend if we use it correctly and not make the mistakes mentioned above.

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