Eyeliner Tips for Brown Eyes

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Give a screaming look to your brown eyes with the right makeup tips. You may own any of the perfect shades of brown: deep brown or chestnut. They will get an amazing look with the best eyeliner tips.

Choose the Opposite Tone

To make your chestnut eyes outstanding, eyeliners in dark shades are your great options. In case your eyes are deep brown, you had better choose the opposite tones and apply light hues to give your eyes a loud look.

Eyeliner Tips for Brown Eyes

Opt for Earthy Shades

Brown is considered one of the earthy shades. Opting for earthy colors is an essential eyeliner tip for brown eyes. Ignore the black and experiment with brown and green colors. Blue and violet shades are also among the best eyeliner tips for brown eyes.

Skip Applying Red, Pink and Bright Violet Shades

Brown-eyed women should skip wearing red or pink eyeliners. Light violet shades are also forbidden, as they will provide you with a pallid face. In addition, in case your skin is medium or dark toned, these eyeliner shades will be opposed to your skin tone.

First Go on with Your Eye Makeup

You should first apply eye shadow and then go on with your eyeliner. Compared with other eye shades, you don’t have to use much makeup to get screaming brown eyes. Instead, you may apply excessive eyeliner. The eyeliner may be used only on your lower eyelid. This eyeliner tip for brown eyes should be strongly followed.

Eyeliner Tips for Brown Eyes

Consider Your Eyeliner Type

There exist various eyeliner types. You may opt for either pencil or gel eyeliner. Your choice should depend on the makeup duration, i.e. how long you would like your makeup to stay on your eyes. Gel eyeliners have a longer life compared with pencil ones. However, it is more difficult to apply the gel eyeliner, especially in case your hands shake.

Create a Slim Line

One of the eyeliner tips for brown eyes requires creating a slim line. Brown-eyed women are recommended not applying a smokey eye makeup. You should also avoid thickening your eyeliner, as your eyes will become smaller.

Line Your Inner Eyelid

If you want your eyes to look less wide, you had better go for another eyeliner tip for brown eyes and line your inner eyelids. In case, you are proud of your wide eyes, skip this tip.

Learn the right ways of highlighting your brown eyes, taking into account the most essential eyeliner tips.

Eyeliner Tips for Brown Eyes

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