Makeup Mistakes to Avoid That Actually Make You Look Older

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Why do we use makeup? It makes us feel confident, we feel more beautiful, it hides the things we think need hiding. Makeup can also make us look younger by hiding the wrinkles and unevenness that come with the age. However, not applying your makeup in correct way can have the opposite effect: it can make you look older. In this article we are going to present you some of the most common faux pas women commit when doing their makeup.

Mistake #1: Wearing no blush

As we grow older, our faces become paler and paler. That’s why to give your skin a livelier and younger look, apply a little blush to give your face a little color.

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #2: Going to extremes with foundation

Foundation can be a good way to hide your wrinkles, but too much foundation can fill in the lines of your wrinkles and, instead of hiding them, make them more visible. Also, choose moisturizing foundations over matte foundations.

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #3: Overusing the concealer

Concealer can “conceal” the bags that have appeared under your eyes, but applying to much concealer can draw attention towards the dark bags you’re trying so hard to hide.

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #4: Using dark lipstick

Dark colors have the tendency of making our lips appear smaller. We don’t want that. Opt for bright-colored lipsticks that will make your pout even bigger.

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #5: Creating a circle of eyeliner

Lining both the lower waterline and the upper lid can make your eyes look smaller. To make your eyes more expressive, lining only three quarters of the eye will be enough.

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #6: Applying mascara to lower lashes

You sure have heard that applying mascara to your lower lashes can make you eyes look bigger. True. But with the age, our eyes start drooping, and by applying mascara to our lower lashes, we make them appear droopier than they really are.

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #7: Going too thin on the eyebrows

Eyebrows become thinner as we grow up. This is way full, thick eyebrows are a sign of youthfulness.

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

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