How to Thicken Eyelashes for a Smashing Eye Makeup

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Every woman dreams of expressive, mesmerizing eyes. What makes our eyes expressive? The right eyebrow shape. The eyeshadow applied in the right way. The eyeliner applied in the right way. Long, thick lashes. Today, our main focus is going to be on the last one. Let’s find out what really caring about our eyelashes involves.

How to Thicken Eyelashes for a Smashing Eye Makeup

Having a Clean Face

To go to bed with a clean face, make sure you remove any mascara and eye makeup with special makeup remover. Try to be as gentle as possible with your eyes; we don’t want to damage the eyelashes even more than they already are.

Not Using Curlers

We do not actually prohibit the use of eyelash curlers. If your eyelashes are damaged, just give them the right amount of time to heal. And healing means staying away from curlers for at least two weeks (that’s not too long, is it?).

Using Oils

To thicken your lashes, try smearing them with castor oil before going to bed for some weeks. This procedure will not only thicken your lashes, but also will make them grow faster. To strengthen the hair and to prevent breakage, you can also use olive and coconut oil and apply some Vaseline.

Keeping a Healthy Diet

Never ever take fruits and vegetables out of your everyday diet! Your hair (including the hair on your eyelashes) needs those vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables. Vitamins like B, D and E will help to protect your eyelashes from the daily stress that can be caused by mascara and the dirt we come across every day.

There are always fake eyelashes to give you the eyes you want. But fake is fake. Why not try to get the eyelashes you have always dreamt of in more natural ways?

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