What is James Franco Up To These Days?

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What is James Franco Up To These Days?

James Franco has been up to quite a lot recently, and apart from that Instagram trouble he had with a minor recently, there’s more news from him that’s sure to go around the rumor mill for quite a long time. If asking out a minor on Instagram wasn’t enough to surprise you, here are some other things that James Franco had been up to which I’ve recently read about:

A controversial half-naked selfie – This is probably great news for those who like seeing him shirtless and all, but he sure does have a way of getting noticed on social media! He is admittedly a fan of social media sites and is known for posting selfies too. He recently posted a half-naked selfie saying “that’s what the people want” and what made it more eye-catching was that he had his hands down his pants. This photo was later on removed from his account.

Kiss, yes. Sex, no. – He denied having sex with Lindsay Lohan but he did admit that they shared a kiss. He swore that after the kiss, they did not go any further. He even said he’d swear on his mother’s life—on anything, that he really did not have sex with LiLo. This kiss was said to have happened ten years ago during the filming of Spider Man 2.

What is James Franco Up To These Days?

Palo Alto – James published his book Palo Alto back in 2010 and has been working on making a film adaptation of his work. What’s great about this is that he is collaborating with Gia Coppola who wants to make her first filming debut as a director. James knew she hasn’t done a film before but has worked on a couple of videos. After seeing some photos she took, he knew that there was something great to be had if she could do Palo Alto.

Despite the intrigues and controversies he has been involved with, James Franco still isn’t forgetting his craft as an artist. Although a lot of times, the rumors can be seen as offensive, he has his own way of bouncing back from whatever is being said about him.

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