How Real are Reality Shows?

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How Real are Reality Shows?

We have to admit that when reality shows first burst into the scene, we were quite excited about this phenomenon and were totally into it. We believed with all our hearts that they were real but as time went on, we started noticing little signs that perhaps what they showed in these reality shows was not always real. We do not want to burst your bubble so turn away now if you do not want you reality show fantasies to get popped. However, if you want a real dose of reality, then read on for some mind-blowing facts about reality shows.

There are scripts – Nearly all reality shows boast that they do not follow scripts but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any writers around that take care of plotlines or editors tweaking and twisting footage to create a story line and bring about conflict. Also, they retake shots all the time. In The Biggest Loser, the contestants would have to walk to the scale several times so the producer can get all the different angles.

How Real are Reality Shows?

They are really cheap – Most people think that reality shows make a killing but the fact is, they are really quite cheap. Most contestants on these shows get a daily stipend of just $20-30 per day because the producers always want as much talent for as little money as possible.

They manipulate everything – We aren’t talking about manipulation in the sense that they place people who dislike each other in one room and hope for a fight. We are talking about the kind of manipulation where scenes and even words are cut and pasted to form entirely different scenarios and dialogues so things become more interesting for the viewers. This is so common that most people do not blink at it any more.

Producers have the final say – In most reality shows where there are judges, there is a clause in the contracts that give the producers the right to retain and kick out contestants. You might wonder how that annoying person in The Apprentice keeps on making a comeback, and the reason for that is he or she is good for the ratings, and so the producers want to keep that person on.

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