Important Festival Etiquette

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Though the season is winding down, there are some things that never change no matter when or where you’re attending a festival. Whether it’s a music festival, a beer festival, or an arts festival, there are certain unspoken codes of conduct that should always be followed. Everybody is there to have a good time, so follow these simple rules to ensure that everyone has the best time they possibly can!

Crowd at a festival

Pick Up After Yourself
Remember where you are. Most festivals take place in parks or other green space to accommodate size, so don’t go around throwing your garbage everywhere. Be respectful of nature and the space that you are in. If you wouldn’t drop your empty water bottle on your front yard, don’t do it at a festival. There are trash cans and recycling receptacles everywhere, it’s not that hard to hold onto your garbage for a few minutes until you find one.

Lend a Helping Hand
There are a few dangers that come with being outside in the hot sun surrounded by a big group of people. Sometimes the heat can be too much and people pass out, or maybe somebody forgot sunscreen and is burning. Look out for your fellow festival-goer and give some extra water to someone who might be dehydrated, or give someone your sunscreen to apply. If someone gets pushed over by the crowd, help them up. There are a lot of friends to be made at a festival if you’re just willing to lend a helping hand to a stranger.

Keep Selfies to a Minimum in the Crowd
Yes, it is very exciting to see your favorite musician or artist, but be mindful that there are other people around and behind you. Don’t fight your way to the front of the crowd just to stand there are take selfies the whole time. There’s no better way to annoy the person behind you than if you’re blocking their view with your phone, camera, or tablet. I’m not saying don’t take pictures—of course you want to record these memories—just don’t spend your whole time doing so.

It’s really not hard to not be a jerk at a festival. None of these rules will take away from your overall enjoyment, but will definitely help ensure the enjoyment of others. Just be respectful of your environment and the people around you, and everyone is guaranteed to have a great time!

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