How to Color Block

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Fashion is not just about having the trendiest articles of clothing. It’s also about knowing how to play with colors and still look good while you’re at it! Loud colors can be scary to wear, I understand if you feel hesitant about it. But if you want a nice change to your wardrobe, why not consider color blocking?

color blocking

Color blocking is when you pair two or more colors which complement each other. These ensembles are usually loud yet have an overall pleasing visual appeal. Here are some effective tips on how you can successfully pull off a color block look:

  • The color wheel is your best friend. Have a handy color wheel printed out, or you can even download a color wheel app on your phone for reference.
  • Choose which colors go best together. Complementary colors are those directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Analogous colors are two or more colors which sit right next to each other. You can also choose a triad of colors by imagining an equilateral or equally spaced triangle and taking the colors on the three points as your colors.

color blocking

  • Play with primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. These all look great when combined! Red, yellow, and blue are your primaries. The colors produced by combining these are secondary, and those produced by combining secondary colors are tertiary colors. By mastering these colors, you can easily pick which pieces can go well together.
  • Accessorize. Don’t be afraid to color block using your accessories. You can even have a very neutral outfit and do the color blocking through your shoes, bag, belt, bracelets, or hat. These pops of color are great for when you are experimenting with colors.
  • Take time to experiment. Sometimes, some shades look off together and when they do, you may want to hold off on wearing them outside until you find pieces which complement each other better.

color blocking

It may take a few takes before you get your colors just right, but when you do, you can expect a nice and refreshing change to your overall look!

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