How to Rock the Masculine Look

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Fashion should never be too restrictive, as evidenced by how the masculine look on women has proven to be even hotter than your usual feminine wardrobe. Masculine chic has been making the waves in every fashion runway, and here are a few ways for you to rock the look too:

masculine look

  • Oversize it! One distinguishing factor about men’s clothes on women is how the pieces are always a couple of sizes bigger. Use this to your advantage by letting it hang free and untucked. Just make sure that you don’t go too overboard on the size and check if the oversized piece still hangs beautifully on your body.
  • Layer it up! Layering your clothes gives that relaxed masculine look. As you go for oversized tops left untucked, layer them with open jackets or vests, playing with different hem lengths in the process.
  • Add in those skirts! Just because you’re going for that masculine look does not mean that you have to get rid of those skirts. Go for knee-length or midi-length skirts that give you that tomboy feel, pairing it up with a sporty or tailored top. This still gives you the masculine look you’re aiming for without actually overdoing it.

How to Rock the Masculine Look 3

Of course the look isn’t complete without an overall attitude. Make sure you match your pieces with that confidently cool attitude that gives you a boyish aura, without coming across as too arrogant or sloppy. Although the usual masculine chic often goes well with a slender or boyish figure, you can still rock the look even if you don’t have these body types. Learn how to experiment with different cuts and shapes that would be more perfect for you. Accessorize appropriately, adding men’s oversized watches and other pieces of men’s jewelry to complete your look. Try shoving your hand into your jeans pocket to give an even more stunning rendition of that cool guy next door. Keep things neat and simple, and avoid being too rugged or looking crumpled. You’re aiming for relaxed, not sloppy. With all these in one look, you’ll definitely be the hottest thing as you rock the masculine look.

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