Day to Night Outfits – Dresses that You Can Wear to Work and to a Date

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Finding that balance between your career and love life can be hard at times, but with a little determination, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the best of both worlds in your life! There are days when your special someone or the new guy you’re about to meet would ask you out for dinner after work. But what are going to wear which would look great while you’re in the office and can also be considered as a date outfit? Here are some dressy tips to help you choose the right ensemble:

  • Little black or white dress – Preferably a black dress, having this little wardrobe number can help you easily transition from day to night events, and flowy fabrics which are not made from t-shirt materials would do the trick. While at work, you can layer your dress with a blazer if it’s sleeveless and a bit revealing.Day to Night Outfits – Dresses that You Can Wear to Work and to a Date
  • Pencil-cut skirt – Choose something that complements your form and is knee-length. This is decent for work but still sexy enough to take out on a date. Dark colors like black or navy blue would do.
  • A-line skirt – Something a little more feminine and dainty, a flowy A-line skirt in pastel colors would be safe for work and a date in the evening!
  • Tops – You can choose a dressy or loose top which would complement your skirt of choice. Something buttoned down would look great, or even a long-sleeved form-fitting top would do as well. Sleeveless tops work great too, and help you show a little more skin while staying decent while in the office.Day to Night Outfits – Dresses that You Can Wear to Work and to a Date
  • Shoes – Here’s the trick—be comfy in flats while in the office, and be a total date-worthy diva by wearing a nice pair of heels. Shoes can really change how casual or formal your look is, so make a wise pick for your date!
  • Accessories – Add some shimmer to your look by wearing earrings or bracelets with some gems. This helps complete that evening look you are aiming for before going out on a date.

Remember these tips and surely, you’d find an ensemble which would be comfy for the office and at the same time, captivating for your date!

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