High Waist Shorts – Yay or Nay?

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High Waist Shorts - Yay or Nay?

High-waist shorts are making a comeback in the fashion scene! I for one love appreciating a person’s fashion sense and when it comes to what looks good on a person, finding the right colors, cut, and style is what would flatter a person’s overall look the most.

The Right Cut

When it comes to your chosen bottoms, one edgy fashion option is donning those high waist shorts. High waist shorts have a retro feel to them, but when paired with the right pieces, you can look modern and chic! Remember that when choosing a pair of high-waist shorts, they should be really short, but shouldn’t have to look extra tight around your thighs.

Choosing Shorts for Your Body Type

Advice I’d give to those who would like to rock this look is to consider your body shape—first and foremost. The key to being able to look good in high-waisted shorts is by having a well-proportioned tummy. Girls, it doesn’t need to be really flat, but generally just the right shape for you. Since these shorts are made to highlight your waistline, girls who are on the skinnier side benefit from this style the most. To look more full-bodied, try going for shorts which have matching panels of buttons or those with a horizontal pattern on them.

For girls on the curvier side, you can still wear high-waisted shorts, but opt to go for those which are a little lower than most high-wasted pieces but are still obviously higher than regular bottoms. You can go for pieces which are a bit longer than most pairs of shorts, and you would also benefit from vertical patterns or those which have contouring color swatches on the side to make you look slimmer.

What Tops Should You Wear with These?

Pair your high-waisted shorts with a cropped top to flaunt your distinctive bottom piece. You can also go dainty and choose a loose girly top which still reveals majority of the high-waist piece. If you have loose button up shirts, tuck in the front and leave the back casually untucked for a relaxed vibe. Experiment with your wardrobe and have fun with this fashion statement!

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