Low Carb and Sugar Diet Tips

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A low carb and sugar diet, along with a certain set of exercises, is sure to help you to lose some weight. But what exactly does a low carb and sugar diet include and how should it be kept? Let’s read and see!

Read the labels of foods

Make sure you read the labels of foods to see the ingredients comprising it before deciding to buy it. Rule number one: try to avoid products which have too much sugar in them.

Low Carb and Sugar Diet Tips

Forget about sodas

No, we certainly do not want to do this! Sodas are like drugs, we don’t always like how they taste, but we still want them! What if we tell you that a can of soda contains about four tablespoons of sugar? By not drinking soda for a month (drink tea instead, it’s rich in antioxidants), you could lose about one pound a month! So here’s our rule number two: if you have decided to lose weight, remember that sodas are your biggest enemies.

What not to forget about

We may need to avoid sugar to lose weight, but our body needs certain foods to function properly. Never take meat off your menu, because your body needs the proteins and nutrients meat has to offer. Also, vegetables, fruits and eggs should remain a part of your everyday diet as they provide you with vitamins and minerals and give you the energy to keep going during the day.

Let’s not forget about nuts either! Although nuts are rich in calories (therefore should be taken in small amounts), they should never be avoided. Besides calories, they are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber, which are ingredients that will make you feel fool. Almonds contain the smallest amount of calories, and they are closely followed by cashews and pistachios.

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