Getting Rid of House Odors

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The home can be a melting pot of many odors. People come and go, there’s cooking in the kitchen, different bath products are used, and some even have pets which contribute to the odors inside the home. Over time, these odors linger and some may be far from desirable. Although you may get used to it, I think that having a fresh and clean smelling home is much better. Follow these tips to get rid of home odors and have a much fresher home:

getting rid of house odors

  • Open the windows during the day. You won’t believe how much this helps purify the air inside your space, especially if you live somewhere where the air isn’t as polluted as city air.
  • Add some plants in every room. Plants have an amazing natural air purifying effect to your rooms so one or two potted plants can help naturally deodorize your interior spaces over time.

getting rid of house odors

  • Replace your curtains, especially those in the kitchen. Curtains, just like other fabrics, can absorb odors. Since the kitchen is an especially busy place with lots of different odors, replacing curtains here can make the place smell fresher.
  • The same idea applies to your couch covers. Replace them regularly. If they do not have removable covers, take the couch out to the sun every once in a while.
  • Take your garbage out regularly. This can take a heap of odor out of the home!
  • Rinse out dishes before leaving them in the sink. Instead of just piling them as they are and leaving them for later, give them a light rinse to reduce as much of the scent as you can. This way, they won’t smell as much when you can’t wash them yet.
  • Take out your pet’s litter box or puppy pee trays as soon as they use it. Remove cat litter and rinse out the pee box as soon as possible! Deodorizing these every week helps too.
  • Wash your carpet. Washing your carpet or at least running a steam vacuum over it whenever needed can help reduce foul home odors.
  • Have an exhaust fan running. This can take out foul smells much faster!

Have a fresher smelling home by following these friendly and easy-to-do tips!

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