Why Choose a Goose Down Pillow?

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Comfort means so much to me, and getting a good night’s rest can spell the difference between a good and bad start to my day! Because of this, I’m very selective when it comes to my things in the bedroom—particularly my pillows. With loads of pillows to choose from, I thought I’d share the things I learned about goose down pillows, which happen to be my favorite. Here are the things I think you should know about goose down pillows!

Why Choose a Goose Down Pillow?

First, these are all natural pillows which provide support and just the right warmth during bedtime. Some pillows tend to block air flow at night which leads to sweating—highly uncomfortable! Goose down allows air to pass through without losing support while you sleep. Unlike man-made fibers which tend to lose their form after a while, goose down can be re-cased and then rejuvenated to have that nice fluffy support again.

I love how down pillows are breathy enough and how my face does not sweat when using it. Whenever I turn, I feel the support of the pillow’s body for my head and neck which is great because other pillows tend to give me a hard time positioning my neck comfortably. These are the best benefits of down pillows for me—they provide maximum comfort and they last for a long period of time, too, without having to be replaced every so often.

If you have allergies to waterfowl, you may want to stay away from down pillows. The great news is that if you really like the comfort and support that this kind of pillow brings, you can still shop for hypoallergenic down pillows. I use those because I used to get sneezing fits before, but with the hypoallergenic ones, I sleep very soundly and comfortably at night. These pillows are also much better than feather pillows because they don’t have those quills which may poke you as you toss and turn.

Taking care of these pillows isn’t as hard as you think. Since these are naturally resilient, you simply have to follow the washing instructions (i.e. rinse and spin thrice and use low heat settings) and your down pillows will last for years!

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